(Tacoma Dome) As much as anything else, Lady Gaga's skyrocket of a career has been fueled by impeccable, almost visionary timing. After compressing a decade's worth of diva shape-shifting into the creation and promotion of her first album, she hit the road with her debut stadium tour, whose set list was bolstered by the brilliant Fame Monster EP, and which served as a veritable victory lap for a driven young woman who'd made an amazing ascent to the heights of pop stardom. Now it's 2013, and Lady Gaga is returning to the Tacoma Dome with her Born This Way Ball. Remember Born This Way? Came out in May 2011 and was really good? Hasn't been followed by anything except an ignorable remix LP? Apparently, impeccable timing doesn't last forever, and the line between the future and nostalgia is razor thin. See also interview.