A true '60s garage anthem for the discerning misogynist, California's the Avengers 1965 garage classic, "Be a Caveman."

For those who will, perhaps, have opinions regarding this song's un-PC notions, member Gerry Blake says this:

I'm not sure we even thought about how politically incorrect "Caveman" was. We just liked the song. It would get people dancing for sure. I don't think the girls thought much about it either. It was a different time back then. It was just music. We weren't dragging any girls behind the stage by the hair.

This was the second 45 from the Avengers, the Bakersfield group; there were several '60s groups known as the Avengers. All told this lot had five singles on various Cali labels and were connect to producer, "mogul" Gary Paxton. There has also been rumor that this group recorded anonymously with Paxton as the California Poppy Pickers, a studio group with revolving members that recorded a handful of exploitation records in the late '60s.