(Crocodile) The wide acclaim that Andy Stott's trudgingly dubby techno on Luxury Problems attracted in 2012 has been one of the industry's most surprising developments recently. No longer just the province of underground heads, Stott's centrifugal, slo-mo quasi-dance tracks exert a powerfully subliminal force. Portland producer Bryan Zentz's style is more conventionally adrenalized in the lean and mean tech-house vein, keeping the bpms in the 130 to 140 range. He's always great. Seattle phenom Kid Smpl has become one of the most accomplished creators in the "night bus" subgenre. His debut album on Hush Hush Records, Skylight, is, to quote myself, "profoundly smoldering and tender—ectoplasmic wisps of R&B drifting through a nocturnal haze... If tears could articulate, they'd sound like Skylight." Play it for all the simpletons who still think all electronic music is "cold and unemotional" (not that there's anything wrong with cold and unemotional music). See also Stranger Suggests.