If it's for real, and it sounds for real (the street is said to be in Montpellier), then that's what I call respect...

As for "Heat," that's my fav Dilla beat...

The funky Nigerian drumming, the raw scratching, the bits, licks, breaks, and pieces—so, so Dilla. The Guardian:
Enter the sublime chambers: Five groundbreaking J Dilla productions

[First on the list:]
Common: Heat (Geffen, 2000)

The aptly named Heat vibrates with a brilliantly thick, syrupy Afrobeat feel that is the perfect midpoint between the shimmering burnt-sugar funk of Fela Kuti and the hammer-fall, chicken-scratch soul power of James Brown. Dilla shows his mastery of making roughneck, properly heavy music sound beautifully planed.