Yes. I'm currently blocked in my brain! Perhaps I need more sleep, or maybe I need more coffee, but currently I'm dealing with my sucking void of a brain by filling it with cheap American chocolate. I'm not proud.

I ate two fucking bags, yall.
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  • I ate two fucking bags, y'all.

Hmmm, or maybe I'm a just leetle annoyed; I TRIED to win a shit ton of eBay™ jams this weekend and FAILED. REALLY, I needed this Exits 45 and this Gords Horde 45, but I was out bit. Uh, of course I didn't have a hundo to pay for each of the mofos either, prolly for the best! BUT STILL!! Blerg. Or maybe...just MAYBE it was the media hoopla over Easy Street QA closing. Look, AS A RECORD NERD I am hella bummed and will feel this loss. Even as the store stock I tend to collect declined I was still shopping AND buying records there, almost every week. Right, so I know as a record nerd/consumer I DID MY PART, but the media's shit swarm of "cultural" loss...DERP, that culture has been gone a while.

To me it was all over when Fallout closed, which was a bigger cultural loss. Of course, Fallout got no epilogue on the TV news its closing night. Fine...I know it is "market" forces vs Seattle and all that, I KNOW!! GAH! It's always been some honkey bullshit, right? Which we all seem to UNDERSTAND, so why is this rote and tired cultural shift still such a shock? Are we down to so few sacred cows now?