I'd planned to stop by Easy Street's last night in Queen Anne on Friday and maybe catch some Yo La Tengo, but I knew I was too late even before I left the house. The 'net was going crazy with photos—the crowd gathered outside, the windows all fogged up, the piles of music outside for cheap.

We did stop by for a quick farewell but the cold was only bearable for a minute, so we headed to Add-a-Ball in Fremont to get rid of some quarters. Oh man, have you ever played Bride of Pinbot? It's a pinball game featuring a super-sexualized lady robot who makes hilarious "ooooohs" and "aaaaahs" when you get the ball right. Ahem. Moving on.

Lacking in a real plan for the evening, we knew it was time to play Ballard Roulette—a game that started as Funhouse Roulette (roll up to the Funhouse on a whim and see whatever band is playing no matter what). More after the jump!

The Sunset Tavern looked pretty hoppin' so we walked in and were greeted by a whoosh of fun danciness that turned out to be the last song in the Redwood Plan's set. Since I missed most of their show, I asked two enthusiastic Redwood fans named Brooke and Stormy to describe it.

Please describe the Redwood Plan's music.
Stormy: I would say the easy option is to describe them as dance punk.
Brooke: Yeah I think they're like electro punk, I don't know if that's correct, but I love what they do with the synthesizer and insistent dance beats. I can never not dance to them.

Is this an ideal venue to see the Redwood Plan?
Brooke (to Stormy): Tell her what you said earlier.
Stormy: The Sunset is my security blanket. It's my favorite spot to see local music.

Anything else you'd like to add?
Brooke: Redwood Plan kicks fucking ass, how about that?!

Then I asked the band for a photo right when they were trying to load out, which is always the best time to ask a band for anything! They were very friendly and told me their album release show would be at Neumos on February 15th with Vox Mod.

The Redwood Plan, trying to load out.
  • The Redwood Plan, trying to load out.

The next band was Hounds of the Wild Hunt and the crowd was SO STOKED. So stoked in fact, a girl whipped me in the face with her jean jacket on accident when she while she was crazy dancing. There was a lot of passion going on at the Sunset, but they ran out of pizza so we had to move on.

Davidson Hart Kingsbery
  • Davidson Hart Kingsbery

The Tractor Tavern was filled with cowboy hats and boots and really nice people. The band playing when we walked in were called Davidson Hart Kingsbery (and according to the sign, Mark Pickerel and his Praying Hands had also played that evening—wasn't that guy in Screaming Trees??) and the crowd was loving them. The six gentlemen on stage played raspy sweet country/western tunes that the whole bar was dancing along to (like, awesome couple dances that I don't know the names of).

I met a woman in the bathroom who was dressed like a prairie fairy and had a star tattooed on her face. She told me that my hair was "real punk rock, sister" and gave me a hi-five.