Turns out I just...don't...like...FUGAZI. OKAY?! This ain't the first time I've mentioned this. In fact, it was here in this post, "Ten Failed Attempts at Line Out Posts," where I expressed my lack of lerve for the Fugazi.

3) "Gosh, I Admit It, I Hate Fugazi"
It's true. The last time I listened to 'em, five years ago, I wondered why/how I ever gave a shit. All I could think was "What a terrible band." Thing is, I saw 'em twice, before the first EP came out, in late '88/early '89, AND I fucking LOVED 'EM, then bought their records and LOVED 'EM, etc...now, totes hate 'em. Weird, right?!

So at one point, yes, I did like the Fugazi. I guess from '88-91-ish, and during that time I saw 'em, prolly, ten times. Yeah, I was a fan. Then today as I was working, just letting my iTunes™ play, from my speakers burst these fine recordings: End Hits, Instrument Soundtrack, and The Argument. I let 'em play through, all three records. First, I didn't know who it was, it's been a while since I purposely listened to the Fugazi AND these ain't the HIT songs that changed EVERYTHING, so I checked who was playing. Seeing what I was hearing I thought "Oh, GOD!" and then I'm quite sure I made a SNEER FACE! Right, I have NO IDEA when I loaded 'em into my shit (perhaps 2004?!); I'm sure it was just to "check out" those last few LPs, but then I forgot. Anyways, so yeah, I listened to 'em...uh, seems like, by the end of the '90s, unintentionally, Fugazi ended up sounding like the bands they'd influenced. BUMMER! I feel so much better now the tracks have been deleted.

Also: does ANYONE remember FUEL, or Fuel-gazi, as they were referred to at the time. They were a straight Fugazi cop, prolly the best at the time. I saw 'em once, tho it was super impossible to listen to 'em. Currently, internet punters seem to regard them...HIGHLY.