I don't know about you guys, but 98% of my life is spent either listening to music, or watching videos, which is why I feel comprehensively qualified to tell you this:

I've been lucky enough to hear some tracks from Vox Mod's upcoming album (the ungoogle-ably titled: SYN-ÆSTHETIC) and I can tell you that if there is a potentially really cool video in the making it's for the lead off joint on that jawn titled "Iridescent Asteroid Mists".

I would tell you who the impossibly cool guest on that track is, but in order to hear even the album, I surrendered to a year-long background investigation, upon approval of which I was then kidnapped, sworn to secrecy, taken to an undisclosed launch site, shot into the vacuum of space, and left naked and alone—allowed only to drink and breathe in the masters from the album. Nurtured by the noise, it was only when I had gone beyond zen-like contemplation, through unbearable stimulation, into a state of whimpering fetal abandon, when I was enlightened forever, recovered, and returned to Earth.

It was then that I decided to recommend this fundraising campaign for a video for a great local artist to you and yours.