Recently, a few people have personally told me that they've only just realized something I assumed everybody knew about this column at this point: The words you see here are purely my opinion, and nothing but. I mean, yeah, I'm one man—a great man, certainly—but not an officially designated governing body, nor an impartial, unemotional judge of music. My tastes are my own and pretty weird by lots of people's standards, so take it for what it is. GOSPEL.

That said, there are shows in town, you should go, etc. New Orleans maniac Mystikal will be at Neumos on Thursday, January 24, for crissakes. As most of you know, Mystikal made a bunch of great music on No Limit even before he hit it big with the Neptunes-produced "Shake Ya Ass." Some years after, though, he went to prison over some fucked up shit—namely, uh, videotaped sexual battery, which in turn fucked up my whole perception of the dude. (I would expect you'd feel weird about me if I did the same shit.) He served his time. He got out, signed to No Limit rival Cash Money, briefly went back in over a domestic-abuse rap—yeesh (SORRY IF YOU THINK I SHOULDN'T TALK ABOUT SHIT LIKE THIS, ABUSE-ENABLING AMERICANS). Now he's readying his CM album. So is his new James Brownified single "Hit Me" a greasy helping of vintage, awesomely combustible Mystikal? Yes, yes it is. So do with all this what you will, music fans.

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