Sock It to Me
  • Hardly Art
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Built around one of the crudest drum-machine beats I've ever heard, Colleen Green's "Time in the World" turns what might be a deficit in anyone else's hands into a fuzzy-buzzy pop triumph. With her multi-tracked sugar-sweet tough-girl vocals, it's like a micro-budget cross between "Chewing Gum"-era Annie and "Lucky Star"-era Madonna.

I mean those as positive reference points, though your mileage may vary (seriously, "Chewing Gum" is one of the best things ever).
I swear I hear Wreckless Eric
and the Waitresses, too, which means she covers a lot of
'80s territory in one little song.

I never got the chance to hear Green's previous Hardly Art releases, the Green One 7" and Cujo EP—let alone any of her cassettes—and I've never seen her live either, although she's played here a few times over the years, but I'm psyched to hear more tracks along these lines, assuming "Time in the World" is representative of the new album as a whole. According to the press notes, she "recorded in Seattle during the spring of 2012 with Seapony guitarist
Danny Rowland."

Hardly Art releases Sock It to Me on Mar 19.