ONN/OF Festival is a multidisciplinary event happening Sat. Jan. 26 and Sun. Jan. 27 at the old BMW dealership on Pine St. between Harvard and Boylston in Capitol Hill. Organizers/curators Susan Robb and Sierra Stinson outline their purpose for this "light festival," which occurs in traditionally the most dismal month of the year, below:

...to create an environment that not only lets people escape the cold and solitude that comes with Seattle’s winter season but to build a warm and energizing experience that might produce enough radiance to help see Seattle through the rest of the winter.

The musical agenda for ONN/OF is damned special. The "Opening Night Illuminated Performances" feature Airport (9:30 pm) and Ononos (10:30 pm), two of the city's most vital electronic-music outliers. "Closing Night Illuminated Performances" branch farther out on the psych-rock and avant-garde compositional tip with Lori Goldston & Jessika Kenney (7 pm), Plankton Wat (8 pm), and Midday Veil (9 pm).

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