This teen group from Bermuda, the Savages, formed in 1965 and played a nightclub, The Hub, for tourists... seven nights a week. They were really a cover band, but somehow managed to produce one of the best live albums, Live 'N Wild, of the '60s. Turns out, they were fantastic song writers, they've become legend based on their self penned track "The World Ain't Round It's Square."

Love that GUITAR SOUND... and the screaming! Fucking brutal. Live 'N Wild also included this super moody track, "No No No."

All told they had three singles and the live LP. However, "World Ain't Round" was issued twice, the second time with a new catalog number. Fortunately, they did have good management and toured a bit in the Northeast US and West Indies. Their awesome second 45, "Roses Are Red," was recorded in New York.