To be honest, I'm not even really a big My Morning Jacket fan. It's typically not my kind of music, but one summer in the early-mid double oughts, I bought Acoustic Citsuoca: Live at the Startime Pavilion on a whim on the way out to the San Juans to work on my family's cabin—just me and my dog (R.I.P. Otto Brissey). I put on Citsuoca—which is largely James's voice ringing out huge over spare instrumentation for five or six songs—in the evenings as the sun set. Week in and week out, that EP reverberated throughout the empty cavern of the unfinished cabin, while I drank wine on the deck and then fell asleep tired and content, like a hermit barnacle. Although I spent several summers up there building the place, mostly alone and with good music of my own choosing, that one sticks out in my mind, and it's in no small part due to Mr. James. Still haven't really heard any other of their records, but Regions of Light And Sound of God, due out February 5, might just reach those same heights for me.

You can stream the whole thing here.