You might recall that the last time I hit the road with Shabazz Palaces, I wrote a couple tour diary entries on Line Out; well, I really don't have time to do that this time, but I can definitely tell you that the shows with The Helio Sequence (I love these dudes) have ranged anywhere from cool to a-fuckin-mazing, that our spin through Florida was a much-needed holiday in the sun, and that my music selecting in the van has been pretty damn good, as usual. Long drives have given me an excuse to play, besides a great deal of Prince's and Lil B's catalogue, all of Alone/Together, that Karriem Riggins album from last year that I never peeped:

Also I want to shout out our voice of reason on the road, the SIRIUS-made navigation system that we like to call Tahiri, seeing as the brothers in the wine-colored van deeply appreciate her counsel. There's certainly a ponderous, philosophical heft to her phrase "stay on the road." I will.