Coinciding with a current pop exhibition in Liverpool, the esteemed Jon Savage listed his top twenty glam picks, via the Guardian, yesterday. As you might reckon his top twenty contains a lot of bands you'd expect - Bowie,T Rex, The Sweet, Roxy, the Dolls...BUT there was one I did not expect: Ms. Bonnie St Claire's "Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet." HELL YES!

Dag, I have a couple of her 45s, but not this one. Honestly, I'd NEVER even heard it. I'm so embarrassed. Also on the list was the Stooges, "Search And Destroy." Uh, now THAT is odd. I agree Iggy's pose was trailer trash uh, glamour, but the music wasn't ever...happy, "beautiful," or filled with chants. To me, glam has a sense of a THUMPIN' good time, some sassy cheek, and could occasionally could teeter into pop/art brilliance. The Stooges were instead dark, frowning, reactionary and cynical; there was never any sunlight in their trailer park. Right, ANYWAY, in the comments, PLEASE make any additions or changes y'all might wanna see!! I'm hella interested in any dissenting opinions and other applicable jams.