Almost twenty-two years since their last album, and after nearly a decade of broken promises about the timing (or existence) of a follow-up to their iconic 1991 album Loveless, My Bloody Valentine made good on Kevin Shields's remark to a London concertgoer and put a brand new record on their website late yesterday afternoon.

Although the site was overwhelmed for the first few hours after they announced the album, m b v, on their Facebook, it eventually seemed to have summoned reinforcements (or was just less overwhelmed once much of the world went to sleep or went out to engage in activities more/less exciting than a Saturday night frantically refreshing their web browsers). The record is for sale as 180 gram vinyl ($30.50), CD ($22), both of which include a choice of various flavors of immediate digital downloads ($16, without the physical media). If you want to play before you pay, the whole thing is on YouTube.

Grab your copy, let it ravage your eardrums, and let's chat about it?