I don't want to make one thousand separate blog entries so I'm putting this here in one label-drunk newsletter for you.

Innovative Leisure is a little label down in LA that we should all know and love. Here's what they've done in the last month:

Most beautiful man on the label and damn good graphic designer to boot Hanni El Khatib got talked into making albums by his buddy Marc Bianchi from Her Space Holiday. After a couple of his own outstanding garage efforts (Bullfighters Heart and Will the Guns Come Out) he caught the attention of Black Key Dan Auerbach, who offered to produce his next album Head in the Dirtand has released two songs this month from it. "Family" can be heard over at Rolling Stone (I know, I'm sorry) where it debuted.

And here's "Can't Win 'Em All" (yeah, that's the jam Audi used in its very rapey superbowl spot):

Hanni is also performing at Coachella this year. More after the jump...

Label partners Rhye released a video for their SEO nutritious single "Open," and promised a full album titled Woman (after a year of dangling that Sade sounding carrot) on March 4th. Here are videos for "Open"...:

...and "The Fall":

Recent signee and soon to be imprint boss Nosaj Thing just completed a Los Angeles Boiler Room session that sounds smoother than ice cubes clinking around in your drink. Dig the live show from the sampler playing minimalist master here:

Not to mention the (recently reported) release of Island Universe, the label debut by psych rock spirits Feeding People.

What else... Oh yeah, this is the same label that's home to Nick Waterhouse and the Allah-Lahs, and the Tijuana Panthers, who contributed a song to that Descendents birthday compilation.

There, now you're all caught up.