Tonto & The Renegades were a Lancing, Michigan group whose core members began playing together in eighth grade (!!) as the Henchmen. Eventually, they changed the name to Tonto & The Renegades and were playing every weekend, including an high-profile residence at local club The Scene. In late '66 they recorded their first 45, "Little Boy Blue" b/w "I Knew This Thing Would Happen." "Happen" was the local radio play side, but "Blue" is by far THEE (fuzz) side!!

Their second 45 was made with producer Dick Wagner; it was way more pop than the first single. It's good, tho', and it did get 'em noticed. "Anytime You Want Some Lovin'" b/w "The Easy Way Out" caused enough of a stir that national labels came sniffing at the band. Then, as contracts were getting inked, the group all graduated from high school and, since it was 1968, members were up for the draft/Vietnam; by 1969 they'd split.

Sidebar: both singles were issued on an EP, Tonto & The Renegades, on Misty Lane in 2002.