Reading about how Nu Sensae and Gaytheist have made OUT Magazine's 'Year In Queer Aggro' music list reminds me—are you getting excited, yet, about the 1st Annual, first-ever, Seattle Mo-Wave Festival? Whaaaaaaaat?! You don't know about it? It's happening April 12-14, at Chop Suey, Pony, Wildrose, and
the Cockpit. Look at the frickin' lineup!

The Need (Reunion!) / Team Dresch / Gayethist / Big Dipper / Double Duchess / Magic Mouth / Shearing Pinx / Dick Binge / Ononos / Redwood Plan / Wishbeard / Glitterbang / Jenn Ghetto's S / My Parade / Erik Blood / Pony Time / Night Cadet / Eighteen Individual Eyes / Betsy Olson / Sundries / Adé
But Gayethist don't LOOK aggro...
  • James Rexroad
  • But Gayethist don't LOOK aggro...

Mo-Wave still has a few spots to fill, too, so if you're in a queer band, send an email, and do it soon!

Nu Sensae also play, before Mo-Wave, at Chop Suey on Sunday, March 3rd.