I was just thinking a few nights ago that a rapper should write a cool double entendre hook about leaving someone in stitches, in both the haha and oh no senses; this ain't quite that, cuz ol girl JUNGLEPUSSY (straight outta the WishANiggaWoods, NYC) does not appear to be joking. This is pura New York City, AKA "nobody smiling"—now recast in the new nexus of the art/fashion weirdo rap/electronic scene congealing somewhere in the Apple's core. The beat is pure bubbling crude, the raps nothing to write home about, but probably perfect for texting your girls. Like she said, tell these bitches.

The storyline is very solidly acted out, too, the details painting it perfectly: homegirl's pushy flirting, the incredulous look the two dudes share, the would-be homewrecker's triumphant Harlem Shake. It's a scenario we've all seen acted out IRL before, maybe sans that one-hitter quitter revenge part. Bonus points for the Tumblr-ass late ’90s mutant fashion (I'm pretty sure this is not the so-called 'soft grunge' look), from the No Limit Soldier urban camo wave to the Kappa jacket rave-swag. Bonus bonus points if you followed any of that. H/T to Sharlese.