• Polyvinyl Records
If the idea of a synth-pop front woman who sings like Claire "Grimes" Boucher by way of Julee Cruise sounds appealing to you—it does to me—I'd recommend "Strangers," the new single from Psychic Twin.

Erin Fein isn't as much of a torch singer as Cruise, but the song offers up a similar sleepwalking-in-space vibe, which is to say that it also reminds me of composer and David Lynch collaborator Angelo Badalamenti, except Fein and musical partner Brett Sanderson have a lighter, more dance-oriented touch and her space-alien coo recalls Grimes more than Cruise—and the same applies to 2011 single "I Want to Forget."

I had to listen to "Strangers" a few times before it sunk in as it's a pretty subtle piece of work, but something kept bringing me back, so now I'm curious to hear more. On reflection, it would've fit more comfortably on the Drive soundtrack than in a Lynch production (the Chicago duo has since become a trio with the addition of drummer Jonny Sommer, who goes by the unfortunate nickname "Magic"*).

* Unless he doubles as an actual magician, in which case: play on, brother.

Polyvinyl Records releases "Strangers" b/w "Dream State" on Mar 5.