This is a no brainer. Y'all, it don't get much more garage than the early '60s Rolling Stones when they got pilled up, playing all fast, raw... and dirty.

"She Said 'Yeah" originally was a Larry Williams 'B' side. By the way, Sonny Bono has partial writer credit for this!

Thinking about the early Stones always reminds me of how none of the rock, dudes, in my high school liked early Stones. I'm talking the dudes which took RAWK soooo seriously. Especially those pricks with complete devotion to Turd Zepperlin. In fact, they hated the first few Stones LPs, those filled with jittery jacked out blues and soul covers, 'cause the band wasn't playing original songs. They never understood what the Stones were doing, much less sussed Jimmy Page was also playing covers. Covers, that is, if he wasn't outright claiming writer credit to Zep songs. Fucking stupid. These were the same guys who threatened me with, "I HOPE you don't have this tape," after seeing a tape of the Butthole Surfer's Hairway To Steven at the local Record Bar.