Tonight at Wall of Sound, masterly Seattle avant-garde vocalist Jessika Kenney and violist Eyvind Kang will perform material from their The Face of the Earth album (on Stephen O'Malley's Ideologic Organ label) at 7 pm (free, all ages). It'll make a beautiful warm-up for the OM/Sir Richard Bishop show later at the Highline.

Read what the NY Times recently said about Kenney/Kang and watch a clip from the duo's Aestuarium album after the jump.

A Persian-Javanese updating:

The singer Jessika Kenney and the violist Eyvind Kang, a married couple in Seattle, seem to appear where vanguardism, sacred texts and improvised music come together in the Northwest. They have a continuing project of writing new settings for old Persian and Javanese music, and “The Face of the Earth” (Ideologic Organ) is their latest installment, a gorgeous record. One track is a prayer that Ms. Kenney sings in her clear, settled mezzo-soprano against a slow plucked string pattern; one is a strummed viola drone; one is a wordless long-tone song; one is multi-tracked polyrhythmic vocal and string patterns. On the vinyl release - recommended for this album’s depth - Side 1 sounds antiquarian and Side 2 experimental. But you may have a hard time deciding which side is more personal to the makers. It’s serious, refined music.