Corey J. Brewer has a new album called The Destroyer Has a Master Plan available for $1 on his Bandcamp with the option of a $6 "deluxe download" that comes with a Skype fortune telling session. Corey says his fortune-telling is built around an iPod on shuffle and his analysis of the song's origins/legacy and order of their appearance. Neat!

Also catch his solo shows down the coast w/ Spencer Moody!

2/22 Seattle @ Cairo
2/23 Portland @ Kenton Club
2/24 San Francisco @ Hemlock Tavern
(...and a show in LA that is still being sorted out)

"After two decades of performing noise/improvised music, I’ve begun aiming Brion Gysins cut-up technique (and Carl Jung’s interpretation of Synchronicity) on my own solo-improvisations to reform them into a pop structure. Equally inspired by Pharoah Sanders, Serge Gainsbourg and Bjork."