Seattle’s Jetman Jet Team—unabashed My Bloody Valentine fans that they are—have covered the most accessible song on MBV’s somewhat-anticipated m b v, “New You”... one day after it was released digitally. That's some serious 21st-century shit right there. JJT have delivered a very nice, reverent sonic valentine to the shoegaze-rock gods’ sweet and pleasant side; the original’s almost a kind of feathery triphop cut filigreed with Bilinda Butcher’s “ooh ooh”s and “doo doo”s.

Jetman Jet Team’s own compositions are worth your time, too, especially in a live context. Oh, hey, they also have a Kickstarter for their debut album, We Will Live the Space Age, on Saint Marie Records. You can check out a six-track sampler of it after the jump.