[I’ll Give You a Break is a sporadic series of posts highlighting obscure (and not so obscure) breakbeats in unlikely places, so that they may be sampled by producers or just enjoyed for their own geeky purposes. NB: Don’t forget to clear all samples through the proper channels (cough).]

If you check that oracle of sampling, the Who Sampled site, you’ll notice that lots of hiphop artists have used Sons of Champlins for source material—e.g., the Notorious B.I.G.’s “For the Dons and Macs,” Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth’s “I Get Physical,” and the Beatnuts’ “Straight Jacket.” But nobody, as far as Who Sampled and the internet know, has plucked the opening break from that group’s “Rooftop,” off the classic 1969 LP Loosen Up Naturally? Seems hard to believe, but in case that’s true, we present it here. The opening five seconds of naked drums from “Rooftop” sure are fÜnky, and not in an overly simplified way (check the double kick at :02 and :05). Sweet.

Someday, somebody—maybe even I—is going to write the definitive essay about the importance of white-boy rockers to the development of hiphop. And what a ripsnorter that is going to be.