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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Sight Below's Totally Awesome Valentine's Mixtape

Posted by on Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 9:21 AM

Not sure if you're aware, but it’s Valentine’s Day, and seemingly everybody and her mother-in-law is making mixes to commemorate this occasion. I've not listened to every blessed one of these, because days aren’t 72 hours long, but it seems safe to say that nobody except the Sight Below has done a mix composed entirely of My Bloody Valentine gems ranging from their mid-’80s cutey-pop phase to 2013’s sleeper hit, m b v. The selections include "Only Shallow," “Slow,” “Cupid Come,” “Kiss the Eclipse,” "Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside)," and “Loomer.” This is a connoisseur's endeavor, made out of true love(less). A Totally Awesome Valentine Mixtape* is 86 minutes of dream-pop bliss, no matter the status of your personal life.

* Calling MP3s uploaded to the web a "mixtape" makes the linguistic fundamentalist in me go crazy, but I realize trying to stop this ubiquitous usage is futile. I get it: People love to fetishize analog formats, but making a mockery of meaning is a weak way to do this.

UPDATE: The Sight Below (Rafael Anton Irisarri) writes to clarify a few things about this post.

for the record: a "bunch of mp3's" were not used in the making. even the new MBV tracks are high resolution .wav, which I acquired when I purchased/ordered the vinyl+CD version off their website.... I was very dissatisfied with the album's mastering however - did you notice how unbalanced the levels are? I'm no fan of the volume wars, but this particular record overall volume is really low - it's My Bloody Valentine for crying out loud, if anyone if going to have a loud album it's them! So being the tech nerd I am (and a mastering guy myself), I spent two days remastering it to my own liking, the results I used on this mix. Rest of tracks came from my own collection of cd's, etc. I sat down in my studio the other night and went through my MBV collection, figured out the key signature and/or tempo for each track (some I know by heart of course); then determined which ones could work well together and curated the so-called "mixtape" afterward.

A totally awesome Valentine's mixtape by The Sight Below by Thesightbelow on Mixcloud


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