This next Tuesday, a band—one that upped the technicality and brutality of death metal to a completely different stratosphere and almost singlehandedly created the “brutal death metal” genre—will be releasing their seventh full length album. I bow to the throne of Suffocation and will completely admit to digging more than a handful of their clones.

I haven’t heard the whole album yet, but goddamnit, I have a pretty strong feeling it’ll be somewhere in my year-end top 10. Pinnacle of Bedlam comes at an interesting time in Suffocation’s career, as longtime drummer and complete badass (check out his solo rap album) Mike Smith quit the band last year and vocalist Frank Mullen has announced himself to be opting out as touring vocalist, choosing to only grace us with his beastly growl on recordings. With all this in mind, take one listen to the first single off the record and tell me if you think this has slowed them down any.

Fuck no.

Now that we’re on the subject of “brutal death metal,” there are a few songs I’d like to discuss.

This right here is a song from the forthcoming Devourment record, tastefully titled Conceived In Sewage. From what I interpreted of the lyrics, this song is literally about fucking someone with a rat... y’know instead of like a penis, or dildo or whatever. Fucked up shit, yes. But so are horror movies. And can you really imagine happy positive lyrics to go alongside the most heinously slamming death metal imaginable? No. You need guttural lyrics spewing lyrical filth. And Devourment keeps it real filthy this track.

If you’re on board so far, then check this shit out. Defeated Sanity has been around since 1996, releasing a slew of splits, EPs and with this record, four full-lengths. This is all pretty much news to me, as I’ve never really paid much attention to them. The opening bass line of this track, “Naraka” was enough to keep me tuned in, bringing me into the web of gore, pounding my mind with the heaviness... but you know, in a good way.

Another band I’m a total n00b about is Cerebral Incubation. Where the fuck was I when this record came out last year? Sleeping on five star brutality, apparently. The recordings are somewhat rough and sketchy, but what do you expect? A pristine sounding masterpinece? That would be the equivalent of buying a Lamborghini just to drop a fat deuce on it. Keep it dirty. These guys don’t add much to the genre, and shit, some might call me a poser for digging his inward pig squeels (how deathcore of me, right?) from time to time, but damn it, they sure know how to slam.