(Snoqualmie Casino) As pure nostalgia bills go, this one's quite nice. Herman's Hermits have a passel of lightweight, utterly charming hits to toss like confetti on baby boomers' graying heads, including one of Western civilization's crowning achievements, "I'm into Something Good." The Turtles also could smith a tune into honeyed gold (or platinum), planting earworms in obscure crevices of your mind that last for decades ("Happy Together," "She'd Rather Be with Me," "Elenore"). But unlike a lot of '60s pop bands, the Turtles had a lot of excellent deep cuts, including some that veered from the sunny template, like the heavy funk jams "Buzzsaw" and "I'm Chief Kamanawanalea." Both have some of the ripest sample-worthy bits in the history of sampling, although it seems unlikely the 2013 edition of the Turtles will bust 'em out.