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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Purse Thursdayz: Megan

Posted by on Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 2:46 PM

Welcome to Purse Thursdayz! Every week, I'll be looking into the purses, bags, and satchels of some of Seattle's finest women—seeing exactly what they are carrying around all day. Catching purses in their natural environment is very important, so these ladies do not know they are going to be interviewed. Shall we?

Megan is the marketing coordinator at Neumos and loves where she works. She is an early-morning go-getter that fully embraces the music scene. I ran into her at the Mercury for a Nightmare Fortress show and she was as happy as can be. The ferocious lights provided by the band illuminated her bag and I had to know what was inside such a tiny accessory. Her nose ring never butted in to the conversation.

Megan, 22. Small Coach purse. 12:53am. The Mercury.
  • Megan, 22. Small Coach purse. 12:53am. The Mercury.

Where did you get the purse?
I bought it.
What kind of purse it?
It's Coach.
No. Not at all, it's real Coach.
Open it for me.
There's not much. I took all the shit out of my earlier bag and just brought this little thing.
What's in it?

• White iPhone 5
• Paystub
• Note for Jason L.
Elf the musical ticket

I loved the musical. It was so fucking good, almost as good as the movie.
Really? Jesus.

My purse isnt goth enough for this show.
  • "My purse isn't goth enough for this show."

• Coach tag
• Set of keys attached to a UW Husky lanyard
• Chapstick with ripped off label
• Lip gloss
• Lipstick

So having good lips is important to you?
What's in this pocket of the purse?
You don't need to know! This is going to be in the Stranger, I cannot tell you that.
Don't worry, it's only the Weekly, nobody reads that.
That's true.

• $80 cash
Oddfellows receipt
• BOA receipt
• Bobby pins
• Coin purse

Is this your everyday purse?
It's my going out bag. I would have so much more, you have no idea.
What didn't you bring to the club?
I usually always carry gloves and extra Chapstick. And sometimes I have a big umbrella stuffed into it.
Too bad you don't have that purse with you tonight.
I know. I'm sorry. My purse isn't goth enough for this show.
Do you have any backup nose rings in there? What if a mosh pit breaks out and rips one from your face? Wouldn't your purse have your back and have extra rings to plug into your nostril?
No! But, I wish I did! Shit, I will from now on.
What did you think of the show?
It was cool.
Too many glow sticks for me.


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