After a few drinks last night, I noticed a poster for HAIRSTORM's upcoming tour (Seattle's premiere '80s hair rock tribute band) and I immediately wrote them to get the low-down on their hottest hair-care tips.


What is your style regimen before shows?
We always blow dry our hair while hanging upside down. That is the ONLY way to keep it up!

Leave in or wash out? How do you all get volume?
Never, ever, ee-eever wash!!! And we get all that bitchin' volume from layers of hairspray, just like coats of paint. Lots of thin layers.

What happens when a band member's hair starts to lose volume or shape in the middle of a set?
Hate when that happens, even more than getting cold sores! Well, you gotta make sure that the flat side of your head is facing the back wall, so you can get offstage without anyone noticing.

What is your opinion on mousse?
We totally prefer it BBQ'd.

Hard-hitting question: Aquanet, yes or no?
Hell Yes! We never really understood what the big deal is about the ozone anyway.

Thanks, HAIRSTORM!!!! You can catch them recreating Def Leppard/Twisted Sister/Whitesnake/Gun N' Roses vibes at the Feedback Lounge in West Seattle on May 4th.