Holy crap, if you missed that Cam'ron show, I feel bad for you, son. No, it's okay, dude just really killed the Crocodile with a very commanding 45 minutes of his hits. Kind of restored my faith in the rap show, I won't lie. (Too many boring MCs with zero charisma, too many shitty sets rapped over vocal tracks are to blame for me losing it in the first place—is it you?) Okay, lots of shows to touch, as we wrap up the second month of 2013—huh?—but the most important being Rakim at Neumos. More on that in a sec, tho.

Playing on Friday, February 22, at Showbox at the Market is New Orleans's own funky fucks Galactic—a really dope band if you like what people older than me (imagine!) call "real music," but damn good even (or especially) if your palate is all scorched earth from same-sounding radio pop- gangsta trap rap (and "Thrift Shop," of course). They cross up old-school N'awlins funk with everything nice; plus these days, they're armed with Living Colour's mighty Corey Glover on the vocals, so what's fuckin' with that? Oh yeah, and Latyrx is touring with them, too. Get down.

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