The night was sold out before The Loss went on. I passed by a girl who was about 15 years old crying because the show sold out right after her Mom had dropped her off. Luckily I had an extra ticket so she was able to make her dreams come true and see Lagwagon and Pennywise in 2013.

When I finally made it inside, The Loss were about to start. I knew it was going to be weird seeing them on Sodo's stage after seeing them countless times around town, whether it's at The Highline, The Kraken, or El Corazon.

  • Ian Reas
They looked like they belonged on that tour and weren't just the "local act." During the second song, there was a circle pit filled with people of all ages. Jacob Bevan did an amazing job fronting the band - he made people laugh, interacted with the audience, and didn't say too much or too little between songs in their set, which included a cover of "Coffee Mug" by The Descendents. One other thing that definitely stood out too was a white stencil of recently passed Travis Leva on Benny Early's bass cab.

Hardcore band Stick To Your Guns from Orange County were next. They were good, but nothing too special. I may be wrong, but it didn't looked like anyone came out just to see them. The singer wore a TRIAL shirt in respect to the local hardcore band, so that was cool. He said some meaningful words in between songs and looked like he meant it, so that was cool. But nothing they played stuck out too much at this show.

Lagwagon was after that. I just saw them four months ago in Florida for the pop-punk festival called FEST and they killed it. I was excited to see them again. They're total jokesters! You can tell that everyone in the band still has fun playing together. The singer Joey Cape used the microphone cord as a jump rope and made fun of his height next to their guitarist who is easily over 6 and half feet tall. They played all the ragers for about 45 minutes right before Pennywise came out on stage.

This was Pennywise's 25th Anniversary tour with the recently returned Jim Lindberg. Their set was good, they only played two songs off the latest album, All or Nothing, which didn't feature Jim on vocals. The band stuck with what they knew all together - even a ridiculous amount of covers. Honestly, I have never seen a band play for "only" an hour and do three cover songs:

Black Flag - "Nervous Breakdown"
Nirvana - "Territorial Pissings"
after talking about seeing Dave Grohl's "Sound City."
Beastie Boys - "Fight For Your Right to Party."

If you've ever seen Pennywise, though, you'll know two things: there's always at least one cover song and the last song is always "Bro Hymn." It's about friends of Pennywise who have passed away and it's a very sad song considering how often it's played at sporting events. When the song started playing, people on the side of the stage joined the band and started singing along, including Jacob, the singer of The Loss. One foot on the monitor and one hand over his heart clenching his black San Francisco Giants shirt over with the veins on his neck sticking out from yelling so hard. After the second chorus, you could see him leave the stage filled with emotion. That song was for a lot of people that night - including Travis.

All in all, the show was good. Total count= 16 Tap Out shirts and 7 Metal Mulisha hats (all of which were worn backwards).