Guitarist/vocalist/sitarist George Harrison—who was born 70 years ago on this day in Liverpool, England—wrote a lot of beautiful, timeless songs for the Beatles*, of course, and his 1970 solo LP All Things Must Pass is worth the considerable shelf space it takes up. But when you want to get down to the core of Harrison's real greatness, you need to break out Wonderwall Music, his daring 1968 soundtrack to the film Wonderwall (which I still haven't seen for some reason).

Wonderwall gave Harrison free rein to flaunt his Anglo take on Indian music and to indulge in some of his stranger, more psychedelic proclivities. There's not much cohesiveness, but there are plenty of brilliant, concise passages of exotic allure and scattered instances of a multimillionaire's engaging follies. Unbelievably, Wonderwall Music reached #49 in the US charts in 1969, according to Wiki.

Happy birthday, George. (I know you can read this.)

* A partial list would include "Don't Bother Me," "Think for Yourself," "Taxman," "Blue Jay Way," "The Inner Light," "Within You Without You," "It's All Too Much," and "Only a Northern Song."