Get Your Tongues Free
  • Whitman Dewey-Smith
  • Get Your Tongues Free
You guys remember last summer when girls got on the stage and started booty poppin' in a handstand on top of dudes from the crowd who were forced to disrobe and lay down underneath them during the Major Lazer set at Capitol Hill Block Party? Since then, they've been working on an album whose technology will knock you senseless and instantly render you half naked, but it's been delayed.

Free The Universe was set to be released last week, but is only up for presale on iTunes right now, and in apology for the misbehavior of his sworn enemy "General Rubbish," Major Lazer has made a free mixtape general issue to every soldier in the army.

Lazer Strikes Back features three Major Lazer originals (including the ghostily gratifying "Get Free" and one remix of Hot Chip's "Look Where We Are."