If you've ever been to Bellingham, you already know about What's Up! Magazine—the local music mag that covers both Whatcom and Skagit County. This month marks the 15th Anniversary of the publication, and this upcoming weekend the city is celebrating it with a bender.

  • What's Up Magazine

The fun starts Friday night. Black Eyes and Neck Ties will return from the grave they dug in 2009 to play a reunion show, or as I'd like to call it: the "please buy all of our leftover merch that's been sitting in the garage for four years" show. The show will also have The Narrows, The Wastelanders, and Sugar Sugar Sugar performing. Tickets will definitely be hard to get on the day-of, so think about buying them online, here.

Before the music on Friday, there is a gallery art opening at the local DIY art and music space Make.Shift that will have every What's Up! Magazine cover that has ever been published (about 200), as well as photographs of live shows and bands from the area during the lifespan of the magazine (think photographs of bands like Federation X, At The Drive-In, Murder City Devils, Full Frontal Assault, Black Eyes & Neckties, Macklemore, and Black Breath).

If you think that's still not enough...

Saturdays Lineup
  • Saturday's Lineup
Saturday, there's something that gives not only headaches, but migraines to bookers and event organizers everywhere: an all day festival with 62 local bands spanning 23 venues (including some that usually hold shows and some that don't). All of the shows are free. It will be physically impossible to walk down any street in downtown Bellingham and NOT hear some sort of music bleeding from a store's glass windows. If I were to list all of the shows and bands playing, you would cry. But, if you'll be bored this weekend, and like seeing many different types of bands play, all within walking distance, go up to Bellingham Saturday.