Long Winters frontman and local Twitter star John Roderick wrote the cover piece in this week's issue of Seattle Weekly—it's called Punk Rock Is Bullshit and it's 3,228 words about how, uh, punk rock is bullshit.

One major flaw of the piece, though, comes in the first half, where he takes a moment to recognize that punk's not all bad:

Admittedly, punk rock was a club that accepted all the misfits. It channeled adolescent anger and frustration into positive and inclusive feelings of belonging. This is not an insignificant achievement.

Boom. Thesis dead. With that 30 words right there, Roderick completely shits on the rest of his "punk is bullshit" arguments because, like he says, that's not an insignificant achievement. That's the whole point. That is the reason punk is, in fact, not bullshit. It wasn't supposed to "defeat Reaganism," as he says, it was just supposed to get people through it. And it did. Same with the Bush years. And high school. And shitty childhoods. And being broke. And any other frustrating or shitty situations people need an outlet for.

And the fact that punk rock, both its attitude and its music, continues to do that on a daily basis for so many people? There's just no way that's bullshit.