I stumbled upon this magnificent display yesterday at the Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport. There's a pretty good Subway restaurant near the D gate.

The T.S.A. Took my Baby Away. - Alicia Craven
  • "The T.S.A. Took my Baby Away." - Alicia Craven

There are probably heaps of Ramones airport puns. What are they?

Derek Erdman: "I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You (to the Hudson Booksellers)"

Jodi Shapiro: "I Can't Make it in Time (I'm in the Security Line)"

Peter D Hopkins: "I Wanna Be Sedated (For This Red-Eye Flight)"

Jodi Shapiro: "You Never Should Have Opened the Cockpit Door"

John R. Nicholson: "Now I Wanna Fly Jet Blue"

Mathew Tapey: "The TSA Took My Luggage Away"

Mathew Tapey: "Too Tough to Fly"

Nathan Helgren: "I'm in a TSA line, its going through a tight wind, $9 for a white wine, the airport bop."

John R. Nicholson: "Beat on the Brat (Who Kicks the Back of my Seat)"

Raymond Salvatore Harmon: "I Wanna be Berated"

Marantha Gaver: "This Ain't Havana (I Must Have Boarded the Wrong Flight)"

Arwen Nicks: "Havana Air Fare"

Drew DeCounter: "Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio? (Channel 4 on Your Headset)"

Marianne Spellman: "Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Flight Tonight)"

Marantha Gaver: "Sheena is a Flight Attendant"

Ryan Duncan: "I Wanna be Upgraded"

Mathew Tapey: "I Wanted Everything (In the Skymall Catalogue)"