Last week, a school chum put a bug in my ear about the holy Seattle trinity that is River Giant and I haven't been able to stop listening since. Their album begins with gentle alt-country intro, but then lurches dangerously ahead as an epic stoner rock thrill ride.

Freak out Kyle Jacobson's falsetto as he floats through Pink Flamingos, switches to wanton growl on I Permute This Marriage (yeah, permute was a new word for me too...), and punches out some (dare I say) grungy riffs between harmonious country tunes. There is nothing quite like the power trio in rock, especially when a jazz trained drummer like Liam O'Conner can put that special touch on the cymbals and skins. Make sure you roll up enough to keep the smoke churning through my personal favorite Western, which I think is played in the key of "loud enough to clip out this fucking amp."

Turns out River Giant has some giant gigs coming up: a KEXP session, then an Audioasis benefit at Chop Suey, and a spot on the Timber! Music Festival lineup this summer. Buy their self-titled album (and their 2010 EP "Vernon's Cast") on Bandcamp.