I hadn't had a chance to listen to Useless Eaters until last night when I saw them play Chop Suey with Nightmare Boyzzz and Grave Babies. I missed the Boyzzz (a rad rock unit from Alabama) which totally sucks, but then again I'd already had the pleasure of seeing them in Philadelphia last summer so I didn't feel SO guilty about eating that second bowl of cereal before leaving the house (the #1 reason I'm late to anything.)

Anyway, Useless Eaters put on an impressive live show to the sparse audience who just kept creeping closer and closer to the stage. Seth Sutton is the Eaters' main music-maker, but his backing band was solid and entertaining (the lead guitarist, who I'm told is new to the band, looks and sort of acts like a young Rick Moranis with better hair and no glasses). I bought their record and haven't listened to it yet, but their recordings online don't quite live up to the tightly wound energy they emit when you're close enough to really admire the bassists sweatshirt/jeans tucked into boots combo.

Grave Babies were as haunted as ever, though I wish they had incorporated more smoke machine. Just kidding, there was plenty of smoke machine. Remember when they used to wear masks or hoods or something? Did I make that up? Maybe they ditched the masks to cash in on their boyish good looks (insert catcall here)!