Is that Debbie Harry?
  • Is that Debbie Harry?

Based Tumblrs unite! Vice President of the Based House Keyboard Kid will be performing a very RARE show at High Dive tonight with goth-rap group and fellow cloud-rap virtuosos BLKHRTS.

Denver outfit BLKHRTS keep showing up in music writers' dreams as the unbelievably musically literate rap startup who sample '80s synth pop and art house films (as if that's never happened before), but what they do differently for me is effortlessly combine the excruciating aesthetic of goth/black metal with rap (an idea which has previously only been fit to set on fire and roll down a hill). Embodying the original spirit of Ice-T's pig-hating hardcore project Bodycount—afropunk sans gutiars, poetic at their densely black center—BLKHRTS' lust for heavy, shortness-of-breath causing synth and percussive raps are establishing them as the gothic architects of the cloud rap church (or CHRCH, as it were).

Keyboard Kid, as you may know, is a local hero and co-founder of the very influential, infinitely positive based movement, who's sensitivity to popular culture invades his every beat. His prolificacy has moved his music beyond the based movement and into the purview of every rapper —from Seattle to Oakland, Miami to New York, and parts inbetween— who hopes to someday release a mixtape, by offering his beats to bidders high and low (true story: I even bought a beat from him once). His latest Based In The Rain 3 and Rare Drops From The Water experiment with his Water God persona and it's control over the foggy sounds that are the life giving elements of the cloud.

Also making an appearance are Jewels Hunter and Iron Mic. 8pm, $7