Today I've been dealing with what seems like WAY more than the usual amount of weirdness. I kinda feel like one of them Y-Wing fighters from Star Wars: A New Hope; one of the Gold Squad which gets shot down in the trench by Darth Vader, while valiantly trying to stay on target. Naturally, as a way to alleviate my stress, I figgered creepin' Group/R&B 45s would help. It has, sorta. When it comes to R&B 45s, just window shopping via teh internet can be enough. C'mon, R&B is ALWAYS a PARTY! AMIRITE? ... hello? Anyways, as I was in creep mode, I happened across a 45 by the Teenchords. Perhaps you might remember this track; it was used in some Google TV advert this past December... I think. Whatever, the song is great, catchy as shit.

Like the all best Group/R&B "I'm So Happy" just sails, it's a dancer, and one that can make you feel like you have not a care in the world. Which, currently, is what I need!! If you're wondering why the singer for the Teenchords sounds a lot like Frankie Lymon, as in Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, it's 'cause Teenchords' lead, Lewis Lymon, IS Frankie Lymon's little brother. Tho' the Teenchords didn't have much of a career, I like 'em better than the Teenagers. I've never been too stoked on the Teenagers as they were too pop for my taste and Frankie ended up a grade-A asshole junkie.