Do You Have Anything to Declare? is a compendium of musicians' anecdotes about crossing borders while on tour. Music journalist Kevin Stewart-Panko and Vitriol Records owner Justin Smith conducted interviews with 75 bands and solo artists, including Dillinger Escape Plan, Fear Factory, Atheist, Zoroaster, Tomas Lindberg (At the Gates/Disfear/etc.), Eugene Robinson (Oxbow), Jucifer, Aaron Turner (Isis), and Rich Hoak (Brutal Truth). So much bullshit is encountered and endured at these stations, so it's pretty certain there'll be some hugely entertaining and maddening stories—and maybe some substantial schadenfreude sandwiches—to digest.

If you ask me, Stranger/Line Out contributors Lars Finberg (The Intelligence, Thee Oh Sees) and Brian Cook (Russian Circles) should be in this thing. Read more about Do You Have Anything to Declare? here.