(Triple Door) On '70s psych-soul masterpieces Freedom Flight and Inspiration Information, multi-instrumentalist prodigy Shuggie Otis displayed the rare ability to sound featherlight yet robust in both voice and composition. In this way he resembles Curtis Mayfield and Sly Stone, although Otis's fame is a mere fraction of those immortals'. Part of that is due to his reclusiveness and small body of work (if only he'd accepted the Rolling Stones' 1974 offer to be their guitarist!). No matter: Brothers Johnson turned Otis's sublimely levitational "Strawberry Letter 23" into a massive hit, which surely kept him financially secure during those creatively fallow years. Now with Epic reissuing Inspiration and appending a bonus disc, Wings of Love, containing 14 previously unreleased, sporadically great tracks from 1975–2000, the time's ripe for rediscovering (again) his breezy, slyly sensual tunesmithery. Let's hope Shuggie's tightened up his live act since a bungled 2001 comeback tour. (With Jesca Hoop.)