Youll have a crab of a time
  • You'll have a crab of a time

Once again, one of my favorite places, Anacortes, is hosting a festival that brings music into this quaint, Washington town. Since #1, the inaugural event, the Anacortes Unknown Music Series did #2, a second edition of this festival on March 23rd, which I failed to mention or attend, likely, because I was probably freak-out busy. I can't even remember! My brain!

This year, Unknown Anacortes Music Series #3 occurs July 19th, 20th and the 21st.

When they kicked off #1 last year, I also didn't attend. This was a conscious decision and I was being a butt for reasons I won't disclose. I chose to housesit for someone attending the festival and was feeling really good about it... Until everyone I know that went there said how magical and beautifully-weird it was. I was told the whole event was mesmerizing, everyone had fun, there was a lightning storm—Karl Blau said that he was standing outside and watched lighting strike a power transformer, it spark and caught on fire. If I distorted this correctly, it also exploded into a hail of salt water taffy. Then the Unknown's power went out and one of the organizers dragged an extension cord from the neighbors house to restore power and carry on with the evening.

Everyone told me about it and I felt stupid for not going. Who knows what I'll do about it this year.

Maybe I won't go and Mount Rainier will explode or something.

Here's the lineup.

LAKE / Karl Blau / SK Kakraba Lobi / Eleanor Murray / Filardo / Wyrd Visions / Mount Eerie / Key Losers / Hungry Cloud Darkening / D+ / Genders / Arthur Bertrand / SiLM / Bryan, Frank & Bob / Hive Dwellers / Magnetic Reconnection / Ashley Eriksson / Ever Ending Kicks / Vanessa Renwick / the Drink Up Honey / Birdie’s On Parade / Dirk Kinsey / Ô Paon

The Anacortes Unknown Music Series happens July 19th, 20th, 21st at 1202 7th St., Anacortes, WA; Full passes are $50, which gets you a meal; partial passes may occur later, sans meal, and will likely be cheaper.