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Friday, July 5, 2013

Robbed!: Bands Get Ripped Off All the Time, So Why Doesn't Anyone Have Insurance?

Posted by on Fri, Jul 5, 2013 at 10:35 AM

Kris Orlowski: Insured his gear after learning the hard way.
  • Kris Orlowski: Insured his gear after learning the hard way.

Let's talk about insurance. Wait! Don't leave! I know that insurance is one of the least rock 'n' roll things to discuss, and it conjures up images of an annoying woman in bright-red lipstick named Flo, but if you're a musician—whether your art is a career or a hobby—insuring your gear should be just as important as always having spare cables on hand.

Just ask local folk rockers Ivan & Alyosha.

Earlier this month, the band's van and trailer—which held an estimated $40,000 worth of guitars, amplifiers, drums, pedals, and more—were stolen while the Seattle four-piece was on tour in Atlanta. The van was later found, thanks to the vehicle's GPS system, but everything else was long gone. Singer Tim Wilson confirmed via e-mail that most of the stolen items were not insured, and I&A were only able to continue their tour thanks to donations from Amazon, Rhapsody, Dualtone Music (their record label), and fans, by way of a campaign.

In April, another local musician, Kris Orlowski, thought his gear would be safe in his locked van parked on Queen Anne. It was not. He says that somewhere around $6,000 worth of instruments, cables, and pedals were swiped. Orlowski didn't have insurance either, and to make matters worse, one of the items taken—a keyboard worth $3,000—wasn't even his. He was holding it for a friend. Ugh.

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