(Chateau Ste. Michelle, 6 pm, $59.20-$81, 21+) It's a good thing Rodrigo y Gabriela don't play electric guitars, because acoustic axes are less likely to burst wine bottles and shatter champagne flutes at this winery gig. The duo, who were both born and raised in Mexico, cut their teeth busking on the streets of Dublin, and then summarily took Europe by storm with their amalgamation of flamenco, metal, and just about any genre one could execute on a guitar, really. Rodrigo y Gabriela make up for the lack of electricity with a particularly dexterous and percussive manner of guitar implementation. Still, they're able to meter things back when producers request their work for films like Pirates of the Caribbean and Puss in Boots. As Dave Segal has advised in these pages before, check their reworking of "Stairway to Heaven"; you won't believe your ears.