(Studio Seven) This could be very depressing. Seeing bands that peaked during the '80s in the 21st century rarely turns out well. Do you think Gene Loves Jezebel—who always sounded like a slick, glammy hybrid of U2, the Cult, and the Cure, in my jaundiced view—will dazzle you in 2013? Maybe it depends on your allegiances. This is the Michael Aston version of the group, as an intraband conflict caused an acrimonious split, so if you still have love for Mikey, go forth and worship. Bow Wow Wow were Malcolm McLaren's post-Pistols plaything; they were a ridiculously ebullient troupe, fronted by charismatic teen pinup Annabella Lwin (now 46) and fueled by David Barbarossa's massive Burundi-derived tom-tomb beats. Their vigorous tribal-surf pop seems ripe for rediscovery. You still want candy, yes?