Yesterday, during a less than determined shower of loogies from The Stranger's music editor Emily Nokes and half of the copy department (loogies that were meant for Trent Moorman, no less), I disclosed the fact that I'd never listened to the pop band Death Cab For Cutie. In fact, I'd never even HEARD of Death Cab For Cutie until they were on some PBS live thing a few months back. Prior to that TV appearance, I only knew their name was taken from a Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band song called "Death Cab For Cutie." As for Death Cab, THE BAND, I wasn't impressed. It's cool, though, they have plenty of fans and don't need me. I AIN'T HATIN', I'M JUST STATIN'!!! That said, I'll always take a chance to post about the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, so enjoy their song titled "Death Cab For Cutie." It's an obvious Elvis piss up.

The Bonzos found the song title in a true crime magazine, the story was named "Death Cab For Cutie."