The Cha Cha on a July night, that's all. You know? The room was packed. The sound went bwaaaaaaaam thump thump thump crash.

The band was in front, but invisible. Perhaps they are tiny. I imagined them as tiny, tiny people playing this big music. I sweat. Everyone sweat. The neon on the wall went "CHA. CHA. CHA. CHA." Everything looked like this:

  • AM
  • CHA. CHA.

You know?

The noise was obliterating, the drums went inside you, the people nodded and their heads were damp, and their backs. I saw someone whisper in someone's ear and then they kissed. The music monster up front moved through all the people, shoving us. Fun! At the edges, one dude made smooch-face rock dance and a girl did pointer-finger-in-the-air dance. Shoooom, shooooom went the music. Sweat pooled. I imagined it was a free sweat lodge.

Then it was suddenly over and all the humans went to breathe air, which was cold and fresh and amazing. Our skin looked incredible.